Reprinted from the Summer 2006 Edition of the Sheerline

By Ray Garratt

How it Began

The idea of a Florida Chapter of ACBS began during the 1982 Lake Monroe Boat Show as a result of conversations between Mike and Ann Matheson, Dale Tassell and Gary Scherb. The following year (1983) at the Lake Monroe Show, a presentation was made by Gary Scherb and Dale Tassell outlining the advantage of forming a Chapter, and following a show of hands indicating approval, a petition was circulated and 15 people signed.

Gary asked for volunteers to serve as Board Members and the following Charter Members signed on: Richard Kupelian, Dale D. Tassell, Wilson W. Wright , Gary G. Scherb and D. Riley Richardson.

Gary  Scherb was elected President, Dale Tassell, Vice President and D. Riley Richardson, Secretary­Treasurer.

We were on our way!!